Low Level

TS100 Podium

A new low level safe working platform which is both lightweight and quick to erect. This system is easy to assemble and suitable for use by one operator. Designed for all types of low level maintenance work which makes it suitable for industries such as construction, maintenance, cleaning & installations.

Key Features

  • Safe speedy access platforms that eliminate the need for step-ladders
  • Compact and easy to assemble and dismantle
  • Fully guarded for operator safety
  • Complete with touching brake and no outriggers required
  • Robust construction
  • PAS 250 compliant for access to 1m
  • Compliant with Work at Height Directive
  • 3 year guarantee
  • No separate outriggers required
  • Robust construction

Specific Product Information

  • Platform Height 1m
  • Work Height 3m
  • Podium Height 2m
  • Podium Weight 30kg
  • Podium Width 1m
  • Podium Width folded 0.56m
  • Podium Length 1.5m
  • Max Working Height 2m above platform
  • Max Platform load 150kg
  • Maximum Horizontal load 10kg

Product Images