Standard Level

Span 500

Span 500 is a new, highly adaptable, fastrack tower system featuring 500mm rung spacing and integral weldless ladder side frames aimed primarily at the rental market. This Instant tower can be constructed in 0.5m increments and does not need separate guardrails, giving greater flexibility and fewer components in your inventory. The Z-configuration bracing pattern enables quick, hassle free assembly whilst providing a very rigid structure.

Available in narrow 0.82m and wide 1.43m and lengths of 2m, 2.5m and 3m which are compatible with other Span systems to ensure maximum functionality for each location. Instant towers feature the unique high strength Rib-Grip jointing system, guaranteed for 10 years.

Instant Upright 10 year guarantee / warranty

Compliant with EN1004 and Work at Height Directives.

AdvanceGuard – Advance Guardrail System

Available for Span 300, Span 400 & Span 500 towers with lengths of 2M, 2.5M and 3M.

The AdvanceGuard is a one-piece guardrail which is integral to the build of a mobile tower making it impossible for the user to build the tower without the guardrail in place. The AdvanceGuard replaces numerous braces used in the traditional build method so improves the speed of erection and reduces the number of components required.

Instant Upright 10 year guarantee / warranty.

The new AdvanceGuard system from Instant takes tower safety to a new level.