Batimat 2015

Batimat 2015 Instant HD Modular Scaffolding System

Instant UpRight are currently preparing for the launch of their new Instant HD Modular Scaffolding System, taking place at the renowned Batimat show in Paris from 02-06 November 2015.

For more information on the HD System or information regarding the launch, please contact Instant UpRight Customer Services on

Features of the Instant HD System:

  • 50% Lighter than conventional steel systems.
  • Cold formed joints – stronger than welding.
  • Faster assembly times due to lighter components.
  • Cost reductions in labour transport and storage.
  • Reduction in injury and physical strain on workers.

Instant HD Mosular Scaffolding System

Instant HD Modular Scaffolding System

A PDF of our brochure is available for download here