Bespoke Access Platforms, Systems and Scaffolding

Metro Station - CanadaCustom problems require custom solutions. At Instant UpRight, we are at the forefront of design and manufacture of bespoke access platforms, systems and scaffolding towers. Instant UpRight engineers and the special applications team are equipped with the latest computer aided design equipment and have over 40 years of experience in the design of both temporary and permanent bespoke access structures that utilise the high strength to weight characteristics of light aluminium alloy.

At Instant UpRight, we turn any concept into reality, allowing for quick, effective and economical bespoke access platforms, systems and scaffolding towers tailored to your requirements. Our solutions are extremely versatile and the flexibility of our products, facility and highly motivated team ensures we provide innovative solutions to virtually any access problem in all types of industrial and specialist applications.

Our designs often combine custom-made components with our standard product range to provide you with the most cost-effective access structure for your needs. Engineering support is also maintained throughout the life of the project from design through to installation, with on-site consultations to ensure that specification meets application. This is one of the many ways we achieve the highest level of service and satisfaction for our customers.

Examples of special maintenance structures we have designed and manufactured in the past include;

  • Communication towers for microwave metrology and radar systems (to heights of over 90m)
  • Lighting truss systems, band stands, and stages for the entertainment industry.
  • Camera and commentator towers
  • Rainforest Platforms
  • Tiered seating stands
  • Roof Access
  • Cantilever workstands
  • Tank and boiler scaffolds
  • Complete building wraparound
  • Shipbuilding maintenance
  • Government / Military projects
  • Bridge Construction
  • Plant maintenance
  • Mobile specialist access
  • Industrial access systems and walkways

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