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Enebakkveien 441 B
1290 Oslo

T: 0047 23191100

Instant Norge AS

The INSTANT brand has been known on the Norwegian market for about 40 years. Norway’s leading rental shops, large government agencies as well as a vast number of entrepreneurs and contractors are among our faithful and satisfied customers.

Scaffolding Products, and INSTANT scaffolds in particular, have traditionally been, and will continue to be, a very important business area for us. However, we have broadened our range of products, adding facade scaffolds, lifts, material lifts, pedal lifts, building fences, walkways and material handling products also known as Blue Products.

Our main objective will always be to deliver high quality products at reasonable prices. We know that quality is essential for safe and secure operation.

We also strive to deliver excellent service and fast deliveries. Frequent supplies from manufacturers mean that we can provide standard products immediately. We don’t just want to be your supplier – we want to be your partner and advisor, too.

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