Diverse Nature of Industrial Requirements calls for Specialist Access Solutions

February 25, 2015

Specialist Access SolutionsWhen it comes to specialist access solutions, aluminium walkways are versatile, durable and applicable in a wide range of contexts. Instant Upright’s flagship product in this category is the Spandeck, which offers a versatile and easy-to-deploy staging, bridging and walkway solution. Instant Upright have been in the market for almost 50 years, and we’ve developed a formidable reputation in the industry for reliability and professionalism. If you’re considering investing in aluminium walkways, here are a few great reasons to consider Spandeck Modular Walkway Systems.

A unique and versatile design

While it’s most common use is as a bridging point between two access towers, the Spandeck is highly-customisable and can be tailored to the needs of your project or business:

  • Owing to its dual side hooks and reversible design, Spandeck walkways can also be placed side to side to be used as staging.
  • The Spandeck can be placed on rollers, allowing it to function as a mobile access gantry
  • As it is manufactured from resilient aluminium alloy, the Spandeck requires little to no maintenance, and is fully able to withstand the English weather
  • Prefabricated and off-the-shelf, making up to 30% cheaper than bespoke access solutions
  • Bespoke steps can be incorporated to surmount obstacles in the environment
  • A lightweight design, allowing for deployment with minimal craneage
  • The platform space can be expanded up to 9m x nigh infinity, making it a true “dance-floor” work platform, This makes it ideal for any projects that require numerous people to work at height for extended periods of time. For example, the Manjung Thermal Power Plant in Kuala Lumpur uses 100 Spandecks to provide a dance floor of 400 metres squared!

A wide range of applications

The versatility of the Spandeck’s design makes it invaluable to contract managers, quantity surveyors, operations managers, architects and contractors. It can be used for both temporary and permanent specialist access solutions, including:

  • Dance floors in power plants and petrochemical facilities
  • High-level access in studio spaces, shopping centres, theatres, hospitals and civic buildings
  • Suspended walkways, catwalks and edge protection in stadiums, pools and listed buildings

The Spandeck truly is a comprehensive off the shelf access solution.

Case study: the Orient Express

You probably didn’t know this but workers on the world famous Orient Express (the one immortalised in countless book and films) use Spandeck specialised access platforms to keep the train carriages looking ship-shape! The trademark white roofs and side panels of the carriages distinguish them from other locomotives, but unfortunately they tend to get covered in grit and dirt from the train’s coal-fired locomotive. An additional problem relates to the fact that the agent used to clean the carriage surfaces can corrode the paintwork.

To address these issues, a suspended Spandeck platform was installed at the Orient Express Battersea site to allow the depot’s workers to safely carry out cleaning and maintenance work on the the carriages. In order to prevent the cleaning agent from harming the carriage surfaces, custom water jets were incorporated into the Spandeck’s design, to wash off any residual cleaning material and prevent possible surface damage.

Come to Instant Upright for custom access solutions

The Orient Express customisation is just one example of how we respond to customer needs and custom solutions are often readily implemented within the Spandeck’s design. Simply get in touch with our experts today to discuss your requirements.

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