Q. What are the unique selling points of Instant UpRight towers?

A. We have the best weight-stability ratio due to our Rib Grip technology; the safety of the user is our focus and all components are developed to meet the highest safety standards; and we can offer a very long life durability, as our towers are not welded.

Q. Are your products easy to transport?

A. Absolutely. Our low-level mobile towers are perfect for easy transport. You can view them on our Low-Level Page. They’re small enough to transport and store easily, and still give you excellent access to high places.

Q. Is your product CE approved?

A. Our powered equipment is CE approved. Mobile towers are regulated in the EU by EN 1004 and Work At Height Directive 2001-45-EC, and all our towers meet these standards.

Q. Who do I contact when I want to purchase?

A. For up-to-date product and sales information in your native language, please contact your local dealer.

Q. How long is your warranty period?

A. We have a warranty of 10 years from the date of manufacture for all Rib Grip products, which covers manufacture defect only. We also have a warranty of 3 years from date of manufacture for all welded product, also covering manufacture defect only.

Q. Can I build the scaffold tower higher than instructed in the assembly guide?

A. We do not recommend extending the scaffold tower to greater heights than those in the instruction manual. If the tower needs to be built in a different manner (in order to accommodate difficult spaces, for example), you will need a written risk assessment issued by a competent scaffolding expert. In most cases, you will be advised to buy a tower the design and parameters of which suit your needs better. 

Q. What do you mean by “working height” in connection with your scaffold tower sizes?

A. The working height is always defined as 2m above the working platform height. This is a standard practice in the access industry, so that you can compare different products and get the right one for your needs, without having to engage in any dangerous jury-rigged solutions.

Q. What does WAHR mean?

A. WAHR means “Work At Height Regulations”; it’s valid in the UK & Ireland and is based on the Directive 2001/45/EC of the European Parliament, which governs worker safety in the EU. In the UK, this is included in the Work at Height Regulations of 2005. 

Q. What does AGR mean?

A. AGR means Advance Guard Rail system; which fully covers the requirements of the Work At Height Directive.

Q. What is an Advance Protection System?

A. An advance protection system (called AGR, Advance Guard Rail, in our documentation) provides a collective protection at the next level of a tower, before the user or erector climbs to that level. The advance protection system is standard in many European countries, and mandatory in some.

Q. What are the advantages of Rib Grip?

A. Rib Grip is a unique connection method of standards with rungs which provides three times the strength and durability of traditional welded joints.

Q. What are the different footprints of Instant UpRight towers available?

A. Our towers are available in 3 lengths: 2,0m , 2.5m, and 3.0m. Each length is combinable with 2 widths: 0,75m and 1,37m. We are also able to manufacture specific dimensions upon request. Please contact our sales team for more information.

Q. How can I reduce the number of components of a tower?

A. We propose unique solutions reducing the number of components by up to 30%; the foldable VX Base and the Advance Guard Rail (AGR): ask our sales team for detailed information!

Q. I want to become a dealer. What should I do and who should I contact?

A. You are welcome to submit an application to become an InstantUpright dealer. Please contact the sales manager in charge of your territory.