Divers World Record Attempt

Over the years we have covered some interesting applications for Instant Alloy Towers but this extraordinary story of Instant Span 500 assisting divers in an attempt to beat an underwater world record is a first! The story and the accompanying photography definitely have the wow factor so read and enjoy!

This is the story of two brothers – Paul and Declan Devane from Ireland who with the help of HSS Hire Galway and Instant Span 500 Towers, attempted to beat the Guinness World Record for the Longest, Open Sea Water Scuba Dive.

The Dive was carried out in memory of Cillian Devane (Declan’s son) who died of a brain tumor in February 2009 aged just two years old. The diver’s efforts helped to raise funds for the Children’s Ward at Beaumont Hospital where Cillian died and CD’s Helping Hands Charity.

The Attempt for the World’s Longest Open Cold Salt Water Scuba Dive

There have been many world record attempts for the longest time spent underwater (in tanks/pools/aquariums etc.) This attempt however took place in the uncontrolled natural environment of the Atlantic Ocean off the West coast of Ireland, exposing the brothers to prolonged exposure and temperatures of less than 15 degrees centigrade. They were unable to break the surface of the water at any time during the dive.

‘Officially’ Guinness informed the divers that this record category is currently awaiting a successful claim and informed them that no claim of less than 24 hours would be accepted as the inaugural record…….without surfacing…..and without the option of toilet breaks!

Equipment for a Unique Environment

Following a review of potential failure points in SCUBA diving and the additional unique requirements of this dive, the brothers identified the key equipment to be provided by their sponsors.

Amongst the list of essential equipment was the Instant Span 500 Tower which was donated by HSS Hire Galway. It took almost three months for the divers to build what you see in the photographs underwater.

Unlike the usual benefits promoted for alloy towers, this underwater application provided a secure, stable and stationary resting platform for the divers to minimize their fatigue and a place to rest their diving equipment.

HSS Hire www.hss.ie one of Ireland’s leading providers of plant and tool equipment came to the divers’ rescue by donating the Instant Span 500 Towers which are sold and rented from their many branches in Ireland.

On Location

The World Record Attempt took place in Scubadive West, Ireland’s most perfectly located PADI (Professional Association of Diving Instructors) scuba dive centre. Idyllically situated on the sheltered Killary Fjord (the only Fjord in Ireland or the UK), Scubadive West is 10 miles long, has a depth of 40m in the middle and is surrounded either side by high mountains. Giving sheltered diving all year round and so ideal is their location, that many other dive schools complete their training dives at Scubadive West.

The Results

The Devane brothers entered the water on the morning of 10th October at 10.00am. Unfortunately, Paul had to leave the water due to a valve problem but he lasted almost 8 hours underwater despite the discomfort. Declan managed a total of 12 hours and left the water just before 10pm with moderate hypothermia!

Whilst the two divers did not stay underwater as long as they had hoped, they did fulfill the two main aims of the dive

  1. To honour Cillian Devane’s memory
  2. To raise awareness and funds for the West of Ireland Charity CDs Helping Hands and St. Raphael’s Children’s Ward at Beaumont Hospital, Dublin.

Together the two brothers with the generosity of friends, family, colleagues and their sponsors raised in the region of 20,000 Euro.

Determined to Win!

The two brothers are in contact with Guinness requesting them to review their record based on advice given that 12 hours is an exceptional dive given the temperature of the water.

What’s more, these two determined men will not give up – they are attempting to have another crack at the record next year. We at Instant UpRight have full faith in these two amazing and determined men.

Instant UpRight would like thank HSS Hire for sharing this unique application with us.