Water Pre-Processing Plant

This application is a good example of how steel and aluminium can work together in the industrial sector and provide a safe, quick and value for money solution for the customer. Highlighted today is Finnritilä, a steel grating manufacturer from Finland who chose Instant’s aluminium guardrails to complement their grated walkway at a raw water pre-processing plant.

Established in 1979, Finnritilä is an international company with subsidiaries in Sweden, Norway and Estonia. The company employs 115 people and although the market leader in Finland, exports the bulk of its production outside the Finnish borders.

Continually investing in product development, Finnritilä offer custom solutions to companies involved in mechanical engineering, building, paper & pulp and the oil refining industries.

The latest project

YIT, Finland’s biggest construction company were main contractors for the project and sub-contracted Finnritilä to supply steel walkways and guardrail systems for the raw water pre-processing plant situated in Huittinen, 150km northwest of Helsinki.

Finnritilä were able to design, manufacture and fit the heavy steel grated walkways and welded aluminium guardrails but needed a 6m long guardrail element which enabled speed of assembly onsite – they chose Instant.

Mr. Petri Paimander, Product Manager of Finnritilä says ‘This was the first project of its kind and a positive experience and an encouraging start.  We did identify some areas of improvement such as product enhancements with the kickplates and attachments.  Spandeck railings proved themselves to be very rigid and of strong construction and YIT reported that installation onsite went smoothly. We certainly will have confidence to propose this type of guardrail in future projects and explore other opportunities to combine the products and expertise of our two companies to offer a competitive solution to customers’.