Government choice in China

An Instant aluminium tower system was the preferred choice to carry out regular maintenance work in the richest city in the world Wenzhou City Government Building.

SBS Beijing a worldwide company in stage engineering specialises in the development, production and mounting of complete stage systems. Since 1874, they have equipped well over a hundred venues across Europe and Asia and provided sufficient proof for punctuality, quality and service at a wide range of venues including theatres, opera houses, concert, town and multi-purpose halls.

The Challenge

In October 2009, SBS approached Instant UpRight Dealer Qingdao Bofei in China looking for a safe lightweight access solution to carry out building maintenance work in Wenzhou Muncipal Office building. SBS customers needed to carry out regular maintenance work in the government building including repair of the marble wall and replacing lights on the roof. Maintenance workers required a 30m platform height which was fast to erect and would give continuous access throughout the hall. SBS called on the expertise of Qingdao Bofei to supply and assist with assembly of the tower.

From design through to installation

To instill confidence in the Instant UpRight product, Zhang Feng Hai our Sales and Engineering Manager, China invited SBS to his office where he holds consignment stock to carry out product demonstrations. Once satisfied with the quality of the product, Zhang provided the design specification and joined the team of 20 assemblers on site at Wenzhou Government Building. Once on site, Zhang had to provide the team with site safety training, product training and correct tower assembly procedures. The components of the tower were all standard Span 400 however, to meet the access requirement different assembly instruction were applied by installing the tower with supporting side towers and additional outriggers. The team was able to erect the internal tower in less than 2 hours.

Instant UpRights continues to go from strength to strength in China

Mr Sun Hua Yu, Managing Director Qingdao BofeiQingdao Bofei managed by Mr. Sun Hua Yu have been an Instant UpRight Dealer in China since 2004. Based in Qingdao, they have a wealth of knowledge in providing access solutions, standard and bespoke and have used their expertise to develop a solid access sales and rental tower business.

Whilst Instant UpRight’s Chinese Dealer network has been strong for some decades, it has widened significantly over the past six years thanks to Zhang Feng Hai who was appointed as Sales & Engineering Manager China in 2004. Zhang a skilled design engineer for the past 10 years has successfully forged strong relationship with five dealers in China – two in Beijing, Guangzhou, Qingdao and Shanghai. See dealer map.

Mr. Sun Hua Yu commenting on the this latest project said ‘After successful delivery of this 30m tower, we instilled confidence in our customer, SBS Beijing that Instant UpRight towers are the best towers in the marketplace and believe we will have further scaffolding project opportunities with SBS’. He adds ‘Since completion of this project we since got an order for another 20m high tower in Qingdao Wanda plaza’.

Zhang Feng Hai Instant UpRights Sales & Engineering ManagerZhang Feng Hai adds ‘In terms of key purchasing factors, premium brand positioning, local expertise and return on investment are high on the list for our Chinese partners’.