Manjung Power Plant

Located on the coast north of Kuala Lumpur, Manjung Thermal Power Plant is the largest of its kind in Malaysia. The new facility has three identical 700MW coal-burning boilers and in November 2007 a new Instant boiler access system was commissioned on site by Instant Scaffolds Malaysia with technical supervision provided by Instant UpRight. For Instant UpRight, this was the largest boiler project undertaken to date, requiring five 40ft containers of product to ship the complete system from the company’s manufacturing plant in Park West.

The Structure

Manjung’s main boiler system consists of three core elements – Base Structure, Main Structure and Super-heater Towers. Combined, they give an overall working height of 72m and reach as far as the boiler ceiling. The structure is made up of the following:

  • Extra-heavy-duty Snapout Towers. Each tower is 44m high and is supported by an 11m high base structure.
  • Spandeck Walkways used to bridge the Snapout Towers around the boiler internal perimeter. Each walkway is in excess of 80m long.
  • Special custom-designed cantilever platforms which give access to the corners of the boiler where the burners are located.

The fully platformed area at the top of the main structure is 400 square metres (the ‘dance floor’) requiring the use of 100 Spandecks. It is used to support the 15m high Span 400 towers which give access to the super-heater area of the boiler.

High Utilisation

As the Manjung Power Plant has only recently come into service, it is planned to overhaul each boiler once every two years. Therefore over a two year period, the full system will be installed three times and utilised for up to two months each time. In addition, several emergency shutdowns of short duration can be anticipated each year.

Apart from planned shutdown periods for comprehensive boiler overhaul work, the Instant UpRight Boiler Access system will also be used in response to emergency shutdowns, providing safe and rapid access to the affected area of the boiler. This has already occurred at least once since the boiler scaffold was first commissioned in November 2007. A partial installation of the boiler scaffold was used to access one corner of the boiler at a height of around 30m.

Time Saving Solution

Future installations should be completed in 60 working hours (4 days with 2 x 8 hour shifts) which represents a very significant reduction in boiler downtime compared to traditional steel scaffold systems. Local operatives have been given instruction from Javen Hoo and Eric Kogulan of Instant Scaffolds Malaysia and Technical supervision was provided by John Damery of Instant UpRight.