Brunei Walkway

Accessible only by boat, the Kuala Belalong Rainforest Field Studies Centre is located in the Temburong forest of Brunei’s first National Park – “Ulu Temburong National Park”. Serving the most diverse eco system in the world today, the park covers some 50,000 hectares of exotic mangrove forests and provides an important insight into the bio-diversity of the flora and fauna.

Over two decades ago Instant Upright was given the objective to construct a canopy walkway in the Temburong forest of Brunei’s first National Park. This walkway, built with Aluminium towers supporting the cable way, rises to a height of 50 metres (160 ft) above the forest floor overlooking the highest tree canopy and provides vistas of the forests. The towers are linked together with over 150 metres of bridge network. This two decade old structure that is still standing strong today and is a testament to Instant Upright’s Quality guarantee.

Benefits of Instant Spandeck Walkway Systems

  • It’s a standard access product yet provides an instant solution to tailored walkway and platform challenges.
  • Using lightweight aluminium alloy means it is incredibly strong, and highly durable, non-corroding with zero maintenance.
  • Can be factory designed and prefabricated to provide a cost effective solution.
  • Durable solution lasting decades in rain forest applications with zero maintenance ensure an excellent payback on investment.
  • A Service and Support package that extends worldwide and every Spandeck walkway has a full ten year manufacture guarantee giving you unbeatable product quality assurance.