C-130 Maintenance Stands


Established in 1980, CV International is an aircraft ground support equipment specialist. They provide full-service solutions and services from design and engineering, to program management through to product fabrication and after-sales product support to the military sector. CvI are representatives of Instant UpRight, promoting and selling our aircraft maintenance stands and dockings systems in the USA.


Air National Guard needed a full wraparound system to carry out base maintenance and a level of inspection/maintenance calls known as Isochronal Maintenance Inspections on their C-130 aircraft. C-130’s are flown in from all over the U.S. for this type of maintenance.

Based on CV International reputation and successful performance in delivering stands for Government projects, Air National Guard approached CV International to submit a formal Request for Proposal to deliver stands for their C-130 aircraft.

CvI was not the lowest bidder, but received higher technical and past performance scores, ultimately leading to winning the contract.

Alaska based, Air National Guard are previous purchases of CvI’s Nitrogen Generation Systems.

The Solution

CC130 Left Leading supplied by CvI & Instant UpRightvI provided the project engineering, aluminum decking, access stairs, on-site installation, technical manuals and Instant UpRight provided the aluminum truss system and the guardrails. From start to finish the contract was one year in duration and was completed 3 weeks ahead of schedule.

The new C-130 full wraparound maintenance stands are OSHA and AFOSH compliant offering technicians complete fall protection and allowing them to access the aircraft at multiple points to carry out spot maintenance.


Logistics proved to be the biggest challenge with this project. Shipping to Anchorage, Alaska is always difficult during the Winter period with temperatures often falling below zero degrees Fahrenheit and lots of snow and ice.

The Outcome

Instant UpRight was informed that Alaska National Guard is extremely happy with the product and the design was ‘spot on’ and they were very happy with the professionalism delivered throughout the project.

Companies involved with delivering these C-130 stands include CV International (CvI Eng/Tech & Support and CvI Jacks Team), Instant UpRight, CLS and Slipstream Engineering. A special thanks goes to the CvI Install Team who showed great determination and efficiency in installing the C-130 stand despite arduous weather conditions.