Container Roof Access Solution

Instant UpRight and its UAE Distributor Al Laith have recently worked together to design and manufacture a container roof access solution for Aggreko, the world leading provider of power generation and temperature controlled air systems.

A bespoke yet simple solution

Aggreko required a cost-effective edge protection system which would allow technicians quick and safe access on to the roof of the 20ft container that houses the generators. Working at height, the technicians not only needed a safe and stable work area to maintain the generators, they also needed a system which could be erected and dismantled quickly.

Partnerships & Engineering Excellence

Two prototype units were produced before the final solution was arrived at through close liaison with Al Laith’s Tim Richards, an access specialist, Aggreko and the Design Engineering team at Instant UpRight. Designed using lightweight, heavy duty aluminium, the container roof access uses a combination of custom-made parts and standard components from the Span tower range.

Aluminium Travels Light!

Due to the low maintenance, lightweight aluminium construction and component based design, the container roof access units are easily shipped and will be used to access the roof of Aggreko’s Container generators all over the world. Aggreko work in more than 90 countries and for more than 40 years has provided innovative industrial rental solutions to meet emergency or supplemental power, temperature and oil-free air systems.

Specials Projects

Instant UpRight has designed bespoke access solutions for thousands of applications. The Special Projects Team can also develop specific access and maintenance structures in the following four distinct areas –

  • Aircraft Maintenance
  • Lighting truss systems and entertainment stages
  • Tiered seating stands
  • Quick erect Boiler access systems