ESB Spandeck

Electricity Supply Board

The Electricity Supply Board, known short as the ESB, a state owned Electricity Company in Ireland contacted Instant Upright to find a solution to allow their electrical technician’s to carry out weekly and monthly maintenance work on their Gas Insulated Switch (GIS) gear safely.

Access was needed to allow maintenance work to be carried out at three different locations and heights along the GIS unit. The Instant Upright Specials Engineering team was able to work quickly to design a lightweight, Spandeck platform with support frames. These support frames supported each of the three Spandeck walkways and where positioned at specific locations as such not to interfere with the GIS unit. This insured that the Spandeck access platforms were independent of the equipment. This walkway solution also integrated a small cantilever platform that projected from the side of the Spandeck to allow technicians to work on hard to reach areas of the GIS unit.

The overall project consisted of Spandecks walkways, Support Frames, inclined ladders, guard rails and a base tower.

Benefits of Instant Spandeck Walkway Systems

  • It’s a standard access product yet provides an instant solution to tailored walkway and platform challenges.
  • Using lightweight aluminium alloy means it is incredibly strong, and highly durable, non-corroding with zero maintenance.
  • Can be factory designed and prefabricated to provide a cost effective solution.
  • Durable solution lasting decades in rain forest applications with zero maintenance ensure an excellent payback on investment.
  • A Service and Support package that extends worldwide and every Spandeck walkway has a full ten year manufacture guarantee giving you unbeatable product quality assurance.