Sipat Power Plant

Chhattisgarh based Sipat Power Plant run by National Thermal Power
Corporation (NTPC) was the most recent recipient of an Instant UpRight
Quick-Erect boiler scaffold system.

The Sipat Power Plant facility, Stage 1 consists of three identical 660mw
Super Critical generation units and in August 2011 a new Instant Quick-Erect
boiler scaffold system was commissioned on site. The access system for
these large boilers was custom-designed to give safe access to all areas from
the hopper to the roof.

The large 660MW boilers are 18.1m deep, 18.8m wide and 73m high and safe
access was provided in full compliance with the design specification.

The key to the success of the Quick-Erect Boiler Scaffold is Instant UpRight’s
unique Snap-Out Tower system. A Snap-Out Tower consists of interlocking
2m cubic modules, each of which folds into a compact one-piece bundle,
designed to pass very easily through a typical boiler access manhole. Inside
the boiler, each Snap-Out unit expands in seconds to form a rigid and fully
braced tower module.

The Sipat boiler scaffold main structure consists of nine 40m high Snap-Out
towers, with Spandeck working platforms running between adjacent towers to
give full access to all four waterwalls. Because the Sipat boilers are
tangentially-fired, cantilever working platforms were provided to give clear and
unobstructed access to the corner mounted burners.

A full “Dancefloor” was provided at 1.5m below the Division Superheater
hanging panels. Comprehensive access to these superheater panels was
provided by a system of seven 22m high quick-erect Folded-Frame towers.
These are free-standing towers, built directly on the dancefloor.

No tools or welding are required during the installation of the Instant UpRight
Quick-Erect Boiler Scaffold, as the scaffold is supported on a system of
structural truss beams, specifically designed to fit the shape of the Sipat

Made from high strength structural aluminium, the total weight of the Sipat
boiler scaffold was only 48 tons, a fraction of the weight of an alternative steel
scaffold. Following the successful installation of the boiler scaffold at Sipat,
Instant UpRight has been invited by the power company NTPC to submit
proposals for additional access requirements.