Simple Edge Protection Solution

Instant Edge Protection has recently provided a simple safe solution for the McAvoy Group, a long term customer of Instant’s Dealer Ridgeway Plant of Belfast.

Specialising in the manufacture, sale and hire of steel and timber frame prefabricated buildings. McAvoy’s is the largest supplier of its type in Northern Ireland and has a customer base extending to the Republic of Ireland, Great Britain and Romania.

When is an Edge Protection Required?

A risk assessment process should be carried out to determine if edge protection is required at locations where a fall from height could take place. Factors such as the following should be considered:

  • whether the area is an access area for workers and others
  • the height of the area and possible consequences of a fall
  • the work activities likely to take place at that area (i.e. will the worker be standing and focusing on a task where an unprotected edge is not in view?)
  • the equipment to be used
  • whether there are tripping or entanglement hazards (e.g. compressor and air lines)
  • whether there are objects below that may cause more severe injuries (e.g. exposed starter bars).

Two requirements one solution

The McAvoy Group were looking for a flexible and simple barrier solution which would provide multi-level working and which would protect workers on the roof of the prefabricated buildings i.e. an edge protection which also incorporated a guarded walkway/work platform.

The solution was a combination of standard Span 400 components and special materials made up of 12 units. Each unit is equivalent to one Span 400 tower incorporating a full edge protection for the roof and can be used individually providing a 2m platform height and 3m working area or as a complete system.

This edge protection system is the first of a proposed seven phases.

Why choose Instant?

  • Instant edge protection offers a higher standard of safety than that of traditional steel
  • Quick and easy to install
  • High strength lightweight and stable aluminium construction
  • Accommodates changes in level and complex edge profiles
  • The system’s unique design provides temporary or permanent edge protection without the need to mechanically fix the system through the roofing membrane or building’s structure.

Ridgeway Plant – The Problem Solvers

Ridgeway, Instant’s Dealer since 1969 key sales approach is application selling – showing the benefits and flexibility of an ‘off the shelf’ Instant system using experience and practical thinking to solving access challenges. Another interesting use of Instant product was the use of Span towers and Spandeck walkway to replace the glass on the roof of the Belfast Court Castle Court Shopping Centre.