Roberto Duran Gymnasium Catwalk

In this issue we share with you a recent application where Instant Spandeck is used to provide ceiling access at the world famous Roberto Duran Gymnasium in Panama which is undergoing a major restoration at a cost of $15.5 million.

Roberto Duran is a Panamanian boxer (nicknamed “Mano de Piedra” or “El Cholo”) and is recognized worldwide as the best “lightweight” of all time according to the World Boxing Association (WBA). Until his retirement, Duran obtained six different world boxing championships with a professional record of 119 fights, 103 wins with 70 KOs.

In 2006, Roberto Duran was admitted to the Los Angeles Boxing Hall of Fame and a year later in 2007, he was inducted to the prestigious World Boxing Hall of Fame.

In recognition of his contribution for spreading the name of Panama to every corner of the world, the Panama government distinguished him with a statue located at Via Argentina and named a major basketball and boxing arena at Juan Díaz in his honor.

The only solution was Spandeck…

The challenge was to provide a safe lightweight access solution and working area which could be suspended from the ceilings above the circular shaped indoor Roberto Duran Boxing Arena.

In total 450m of Instant Spandeck was supplied, split into four separate catwalks.

  1. The Inner catwalk – 16 x 8m Spandecks were suspended around the inner circumference of the ceiling
  2. The Outer catwalk – 16 x 12m Spandecks were suspended concentrically to the inner catwalk
  3. The Radial catwalk – 4 x 22m Spandecks provided access to the Inner, Outer and Truss catwalk from the outer circumference of the stadium.
  4. The Truss catwalk – 6m squared (36m total) Spandeck assembly structure suspended from the centre of the arena.

The Spandeck also provided a safe working platform and walkway area for camera crews televising the international boxing show and also as a support structure for the hanging digital screen scoreboards.

Entec, Mexico – Solution Providers

The solution was provided by Entec, an official partner of Instant in Mexico since 2008. Entec are specialists in the hire and sale of access solutions such as suspended platforms for façade cleaning and window maintenance systems, emergency stairs, helidecks and safety at height equipment and services.

Technical supervision was provided by Instant UpRight representative Robert Barrett, working with Arturo Garcia, Technical Director and César A. Moreno Bustamante, Director General of Entec.

Benefits of Instant Spandeck Walkway Systems

  • It’s a standard access product yet provides an instant solution to tailored walkway and platform challenges.
  • Using lightweight aluminium alloy means it is incredibly strong, and highly durable, non-corroding with zero maintenance.
  • Can be factory designed and prefabricated to provide a cost effective solution.
  • Durable solution lasting decades in rain forest applications with zero maintenance ensure an excellent payback on investment.
  • A Service and Support package that extends worldwide and every Spandeck walkway has a full ten year manufacture guarantee giving you unbeatable product quality assurance.