Newcastle’s £40m City Library

This month we share with you another great application where Instant Spandeck provides permanent roof access for the new Newcastle City Library.

The Spandeck Walkway will provide permanent access to 3m high Solar Panels which are mounted around the air-conditioning units on the highest point of the roof. Generation Hire and Sale of the UK worked with the Library, providing consultation and specifications for walkway on the six-floor glass fronted building which is due to open its doors to Newcastle’s residents in the Summer.

£40m Project for a World-Class City Library

The new City Library (see photograph to the right) is built on the present Princess Square site and is part of a major modernisation programme which includes world-class facilities. Newcastle residents will benefit from improved opening hours, better access and a wider range of material.
Now demolished, the old City Library, dated back to 1968 and was a very good example of 1960s civic architecture. It closed its doors in September 2006 and work on the new six-floor glass-fronted building got under way in February last year.

Built-in Versatility

It’s versatility to be a walkway, bridging and staging from one single unit has attracted Architects, Specifiers, Project Engineers and Facilities Managers to the product. Spandeck is also specified by Roofing Contractors, Quantity Surveyors, Operations Managers and Contract and Maintenance Managers.

Limitless Applications

From observation bridges in tropical rainforests or temporary solutions in TV studios to permanent roof access on new and older buildings, Spandeck will always fit the specification for providing safe walkways at high and low level.

Key Features

  • It’s a standard off the shelf product which can provide bespoke walkway solutions.
  • Made from aluminium, it’s lightweight, incredibly strong, and highly durable which means it lasts longer and requires no special cleaning or maintenance.
  • It’s up to 30% less expensive than bespoke walkway solutions because it eliminates site fabrication giving large project savings through reduced labour and engineering costs.
  • It’s designed, engineered and manufactured by the same company so you know it is right first time, fits the purpose and the expertise is on hand from on-site consultation to installation.
  • Our Service and Support package extends worldwide and every Spandeck is guaranteed for a full ten years giving you unbeatable product quality.