SpanDeck and the Orient Express

Unlike Agatha Christie’s 1934 novel ‘Murder on the Orient Express’ with its infamous Hercule Poirot, there is no mystery to Spandeck’s versatility. This month we share with you another great application where Spandeck, the Instant walkway system provides access aboard the world famous Orient Express Train.

Who Done it?

The solution was provided by Planet Platforms, our Instant UK Distributor.

The British Pullman

During the 1920’s, the carriages of the British Pullman were resplendent in rare timber veneers, custom-loomed fabrics and solid brass work. Today, the carriages of the Orient Express have been meticulously restored with affection and care offering travellers the most luxurious dining experience and day excursions to Britain’s historic towns and stately homes, sporting and social events.

The Challenge

All eleven carriages have white roofs, which get dirty from brake dust and the cinders from the coal-fired locomative. A powerful cleaning agent is used to remove the embedded dust which although diluted, this agent can harm the highly polished paintwork on the carriage sides. The challenge was to provide a safe lightweight access solution which could be suspended above the carriages and also provide a barrier to the potentially harmful cleaning agent.

The Solution was Spandeck

Planet Platforms supplied a suspended Spandeck walkway gantry which enables easy and safe access to the top of the carriages. Installed at the Orient-Express Battersea depot, the walkway is used to carry out general restoration and maintenance work such as cleaning, painting and repair.

Water jets points were built into the Spandeck to act as a barrier and wash off the harmful residue from the cleaning process, Tim Robbins, Works and Planning Manager at the Orient-Express explained.


Jonathon Wiseman, Director of the Southern Division of Planet Platforms commented: ‘The Orient-Express is the best kept secret in the travel trade and we’re delighted to provide a safe access solution to help the restoration of the British Pullman’.

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