Montreal’s Metro Station

This month we bring you another testimony to the versatility of the Instant tower system which was kindly composed by Martin Beaudet of APM Systems, the Instant Distributor for Quebec, Canada.

Martin has given us an excellent insight into how problem solving as a team found a solution for maintaining ageing vaults in the Montreal Metro System. The solution combines safety, speed of installation and cost effectiveness. It makes for interesting reading and no doubt will open up opportunites for distributors in other countries.

Over the years, management of the Building Maintenance Department (EDI) has had to develop new means of maintaining ageing vaults in subway stations. In the early 1990s, two “platform to platform” scaffoldings were built to make this job easier. However, these scaffoldings have been the source of many problems. When the platform arrived in the station, it had to be turned in order to be installed between the station platforms and numerous tower parts had to be assembled on the spot.

Reno-Stations Project

At the start of the second phase of the “Réno-Stations” project, EDI invested in two new scaffoldings. They took this opportunity to refer to the members of the Health and Safety Committee and the departments responsible for the assembly and use of old platforms, and asked Engineering to work uniformly and produce new drawings.

Visually, the new scaffoldings are similar to the older generation. However, there are fewer parts to be assembled and, at the request of the Fire Prevention Department, they do not obstruct the doors of the trains, thereby facilitating free flow of customer traffic. Moreover, a lifting beam has been added to minimise the efforts required when handling heavy materials, such as cement bags.

Pivot design provides time-saving solution

The main key difference is the installation of a pivot on one of the track workshop trucks, that can be used to turn the platform with greater ease when installing it in a station.

This working pívot table was fabricated to support the entire bridge at a specific position so any time the workshop truck is moving from one track onto the other; the table can pívot 180 degrees without having to transfer from position.

The bridge itself was reinforced on the structure to prevent any damage since it is supported at one-third of the length. The table was conceived with the objective to have the bridge release easily with the aid of a quick release lock handle.

Just 30 Minutes to install!

The entire project is pre-assembled in 3 large pieces that are transported from the workshop truck and assemble in the Montreal Métro Station anywhere in the city. The entire structure is fully erected in approximately 30 minutes with the help of 2 chain blocks on each side of the station. At that moment the entire bridge is lifted to the ceiling and the tower which are pre-assemble move underneath for the final assembly.

Thanks to the contributions of everyone involved, the scaffoldings are now more functional and safer, a fact that is beneficial to all the employees who work with this equipment.

A real team effort

Numerous employees of S.T.M. contributed to the development of the new scaffolding, including: Luc Dumont, Chief Engineer; Martin Lacerte, Engineer; Luc Des Cormiers, Co-ordinator, Genica Inc. engineering firm used as the consulting company for the entire support drawing, calculation and final approval of the project in conjunction with STM and finally the support from Martin Beaudet of APM System, who is a distributor of Instant UpRight, Québec, Canada