Zip-Up Tower is Fit for a King

Sweden’s Royal Castle in Stockholm, dating back to the thirteenth century, is one of the largest residential castles in Europe and is the official residence of The King of Sweden. Although not in permanent residence, the Royal family still use the Royal Palace and Castle for state visits and royal dinners so the renovation and maintenance of this historic 608 room property is an important and continuous affair.

Part of the renovation is maintaining the gold ornate ceiling in the King Karl 11th Gallery and to do this the maintenance team had to select products which were lightweight so as not to damage the elaborate flooring, portable and easily moved so that the complete ceiling area could be accessed and which provided large platform areas for the team to work from.

The Preferred Choice

A Zip-Up aluminium tower system from Zip-Up Svenska in Stockholm was the preferred choice and was constructed inside the gallery to carry out the intricate work.

Another important consideration was that alternatives, such as powered access, may come into contact with the walls of the Gallery when being manoeuvred into position.

Zip-Up tower systems are completely versatile and can be configured to suit whatever application. The heavy duty aluminium is lightweight so it is quickly erected and dismantled and easily transported to and from the site of working. Platforms can be used side by side to construct an access system which allows coverage of large areas, such as the ceiling in the Royal Castle.