Reaching for the Sky with Span “Working at Height” Platforms

February 25, 2015

Reaching for the Sky with Span Working at Height PlatformsWith over 60 years experience providing “working at height” solutions across a variety of industries, Instant Upright is a safe choice for aerial platforms and scaffolding. We’ve served everything from the aeronautical to the construction industries, and this wide-ranging experience has taught us to be flexible when responding to our customers’ needs. One of our staple offerings is the Span Tower Range – high quality and high strength access towers which are fully compliant with Work at Heights Regulations and EN1004. Here’s an overview of the main features of the range, as well as what roles individual products are suited to.

The sky’s the limit for customisability

At Instant Upright, we know better than anyone that the key to our success and popularity is the versatility of our products, which come in numerous bespoke configurations to suit the needs of your premises or project. Our Span Tower range is cold formed, not welded, which makes it more durable and robust. Also, it can be outfitted with the following additional accessories depending on your needs:

  • A walk-thru frame
  • High clearance platforms
  • Spandeck walkways
  • Advance GuardRail (AGR)
  • Nylon couplers
  • Base plates instead of castors
  • Ballast weights

In addition, paint can also be applied to the towers according to a client’s briefing. This can be useful for differentiating access towers on site, as well as reinforcing your company’s brand identity.

The Span Series for rapid assembly

If you want the job done quickly and efficiently, the Instant Span Series are the answer. The tower’s Z configuration provides rigid and secure support, as well as enabling rapid assembly. Also a features the option of the Instant AdvanceGuard guardrail system, which bolsters the tower’s already considerable safety feature, and provides comprehensive fall protection. As it’s an integral part of the tower’s design, workers need not be relied upon the install the safety rails, overcoming the challenge of accidents caused by oversights during assembly.

  • The Span Series are available in narrow (0.74m) and wide (1.37m) configurations. They can also be 2m, 2.5m or 3m in platform length. Additional features include:
  • Rib grip joints, providing a threefold strength increase over conventional joints
  • Reversible frames fashioned from durable aluminium alloys
  • Legs that are height-adjustable from 400mm to 800mm, making the Span towers suitable for uneven surfaces
  • The TX3000 platform. This lightweight and easily replaceable surface provides comprehensive edge protection, and can be fitted with a trapdoor to aid ease of access.

The Compact Towers: perfect for accessing hard-to-reach places

A heavy-weight but extremely portable tower system, our Compact towers are just 1.2 square metres, allowing for easy access in narrow apertures such as lift shafts. If it is adequately secured with ties and can be used to enable working at heights of up to 20m. In addition, by adding outriggers the tower can be built to 8m indoors and 12m outdoors, making it suitable for any number of working tasks where a wide working space is not called for.

The Span 500 series for adaptability and hassle-free assembly

Aimed primarily at the rental market, the 500 is one of our newest products. Features at a glance include:

  • 10 years joint warranty and 3 years warranty for every other component.
  • Can be erected with platforms at incremental heights of 500cm
  • It doesn’t need guardrails, reducing assembly time and the number of components required

We also stock the 500w variant design, which provides affordable access solutions to builders and tradesmen. With a length of 2.5m and coming in both single width (0.82m) and double width (1.43m), as well as a platform capacity of 275kg, it’s perfect for projects that require a number of men to work on the surface simultaneously.

Instant Upright is a safe choice for working at height platforms

There’s no more highly-rated or experienced manufacturer and supplier of working at height solutions than Instant Upright: just have a look at some of the projects we’ve been involved in over the years. For safe, reliable and cost effective aerial solutions– Get in touch with our experts today who are more than happy to talk to you.