Watch our scaffolding videos to see how quick and easy it is to assemble our lightweight, high strength scaffold tower systems. Our PDF manuals are the official guides to be used when erecting our products, these are for only demonstration purposes. You can also visit our YouTube Channel to view all of Instant UpRight’s assembly demonstration videos.


The Snappy range which includes Snappy 300, Snappy 400 and the NEW Snappy Ladder are lightweight, work platforms which fold out and assemble in minutes. Highly versatile, they can be combined with Instant Span Tower.

Span 300

Span 300 is a lightweight, aluminium high strength system, designed for fast, easy assembly with rung spacings of 276mm. The new Z-configuration bracing enables quick, trouble free assembly while providing a very rigid structure.

Span 400 AGR

Span 400 is a lightweight, fast and easy to assemble tower system with a rung spacing of 400mm. With fewer components to stock or lose this versatile ladder frame tower can be used to construct simple free standing mobile towers or more complex staging systems with a host of accessories.

Span 500W

Span 500 is a new, highly adaptable, fastrack tower system featuring 500mm rung spacing and integral weldless ladder side frames aimed primarily at the rental market. This Instant tower can be constructed in 0.5m increments and does not need separate guardrails, giving greater flexibility and fewer components in your inventory.


Instant Spandeck is a lightweight aluminium premier walkway, decking, bridging and staging system in one versatile unit. Spanning from 1m up to 9m, it provides a safe work platform between our Aluminium Towers. In its simplest form, Instant Spandeck is a bridge between 2 Towers and can be used separately as a bespoke access walkway.

Boiler Access

Versatility of Product and over 40 years of experience have produced the perfect solution for Boiler Access. With our quality of design and manufacturing, our boiler access scaffolding system offers more than traditional scaffolding, saving both labour and downtime.