Working With Scaffolding In Sensitive Areas

April 8, 2014

The Snapshot

  • Deploying scaffolding in sensitive areas can require extra financial resources
  • Instant Upright has a successful track record of working in this area
  • You can use the site to source a wide range of scaffolding solutions
  • Working with scaffolding in sensitive locations requires significant attention to detail

Extra Care Is Needed For Scaffolding In Sensitive Areas

As the built environment expands globally, the range of sensitive areas where scaffolding may be required has increased significantly in recent years. Many locations that would not be considered for development previously, are now the subject of significant development plans, perhaps due to changes in planning laws or the fact that technology is now sufficiently advanced to facilitate a development project – such as preserving old structures and re-developing them for a new use. New manufacturing facilities also require sensitive and controlled environments, such as pharmaceutical factories and food processing.

For those in the construction sector, it is useful to be aware of the fact that a lot of extra work is required when constructing scaffolding to be used on projects that are in sensitive locations, as special precautions need to be taken to protect the structures and the environment within which the development work is being progressed.

One of the most common examples of this type of project is the re-development of a listed building. By their very nature they could already have been damaged by time or neglect and are more than likely to have been constructed with materials that are no longer commercially available.

So careful planning and attention is essential in particular because the scale of these projects can be simply enormous. Recently over 63 miles of scaffolding were used during the restoration process of Castle Drogo in England.

Some of the figures involved in this project are staggering. The scaffolding itself cost a quarter of a million pounds and it is being used to add 2,355 granite blocks weighing a total of 680 tonnes on to the roof of the castle.

The picture below shows scaffolding around the The Sagrada Família in Barcelona:


This is one of the most famous construction sites in the world and it’s another good example of scaffolding being used on an extremely delicate project.

Here is a good online resource that covers some of the fundamental points to be aware of, if you are involved in constructing scaffolding for use on a historic building or monument.

Other types of sensitive areas, where specific scaffolding equipment is needed, would include manufacturing environments such as a factory that produces computer microchips – obviously in this type of situation, dust and wood fibres could cause a significant hazard in the manufacturing process and any break off scaffolding could damage sensitive and expensive components.

The Best Approach for Scaffolding in Sensitive Areas

The primary solution to this challenge is to use scaffolding that is constructed from aluminium, as this durable and a lightweight material is ideal for use on even the most demanding of jobs.

Specialised Scaffolding Projects


We have worked on a number of highly sensitive scaffolding contracts over the years. Some of these include:

Conducting work such as this requires being able to provide cutting edge scaffolding solutions, that can be both cost effective and versatile in the way in which they can be deployed.

The lightweight materials that we use in manufacturing our scaffolding, enables our clients to assemble and deploy our products quickly and easily.

At Instant Upright we know that professionals in the construction industry are always looking for equipment that can help them deliver their projects faster, in a more efficient manner and in a safe way.

The podium scaffolding and the scaffolding towers that we supply allows our customers to easily reach different heights in the safest way possible.

One of the main benefits of using our scaffolding towers is that they are self-supporting and therefore they do not need to lean against another surface to maintain their balance. This is a particularly helpful feature if work is being conducted on a listed building.

Or aluminium scaffolding towers are also rigid and highly stable; they can easily support workers, along with the necessary materials and tools that they require to complete their work.

You can view some further examples of relevant projects that we have been involved with here.

Further Information

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